The Importance Of Sports Nutrition

Fueling your body well and getting your nutrition right ensures that your training hours don’t go to waste! When you nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to sustain your training load, support optimal recovery, gains, and ultimately peak performance.

Sports Nutrition Coaching

My sports nutrition coaching is designed to help individual athletes of all ages and abilities achieve their goals by making sustainable nutrition and mindset changes that work around busy training schedules and lifestyles.

Together we can work on

  • Improving general fitness, energy levels, body shape

  • Energy, carbohydrate, protein & fluid requirements for specific sports

  • Manipulating body composition to reach goals (reducing fat mass, increasing muscle mass, ‘bulking up’, ‘making weight’)

  • Pre, during, & post competition requirements for performance and recovery

  • Planning for travel & competition

  • Sport nutrition supplement application

  • Sport nutrition requirements for athletes with special needs (athletes with type 1 diabetes, vegetarian diets, disabilities, or disordered eating/eating disorders)

You can’t out train a bad diet!

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